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Monthly Archives: January 2020

  • Direct Cremation has overtaken burials as the preferred end-of-life choice of families across the United States. Direct Cremation is far more affordable and offers families the flexibility to arrange for services at time and place of the family’s choosing, especially when honoring the wishes of the deceased. One example of such flexibility is the Scattering of Ashes at Sea.

    Scattering Ashes at Sea has become more and more popular among families of the deceased.  Families are increasingly turning to this type of ceremony to bring peace and closure to the family in a serene and soothing environment.

    Following the cremation and once you’ve received the ashes of your loved one, you are ready to provide your loved one with the ceremony and serenity that he or she deserves – and most likely requested as part of his or her final wishes.

    U.S. federal law allows for the scattering of ashes at sea but certain conditions must be met, including:

    • the use of decomposable flowers and wreaths
    • certain notification requirements
    • ensuring that ashes are scattered at least three (3) nautical miles from shore

    To scatter your loved one’s cremated remains (“cremains”) by boat, family and friends board the vessel and travel to the desired location on the ocean. This typically involves chartering a boat with a licensed captain and the trip may last for several hours.

    Upon arrival at the desired location, your captain will position the vessel boat into the wind and with enough forward speed to prevent the cremains from being blown back into the vessel. Thus, the ceremony and tribute can begin. The ceremony can range from clergy reciting prayers to family members reciting poetry to a few poignant comments and everything in between.

    Family members have the option to scatter the cremains if they so choose. The cremains are placed in the water and allowed to descend into the ocean. Cremation Society of America can help you choose a reputable charter service to ensure that the cremains make it into the ocean properly.

    Shortly thereafter, the family and friends are usually handed flowers or even a bouquet that they can toss in along with the cremains to create an area of the ceremony on the water. Your captain can then circle the area while the family and friends take photos and say their final goodbyes.

    Our Cremation Society of America advisors can help you arrange the scattering of your loved one’s ashes at sea. CSA has relationships with reputable charter services that have vast experience to provide a dignified and touching at-sea tribute to your loved one. Contact us NOW to order a Direct Cremation and to explore our Scattering of Ashes at Sea services.

Monthly Archives: January 2020

  • 2020 may have just begun but the the nationwide trend of Direct Cremation overtaking funeral homes as the arrangement of choice for most Americans and their loved ones continues to grow. However, many cremation providers suffer from an inefficient or even manual process to purchase and arrange for a direct cremation.

    At Cremation Society of America, we continually seek to make our Direct Cremation Services the easiest and most affordable Direct Cremation ordering process in the industry.

    If you’ve been following our Blog, you know that the median cost of a funeral can be $8,000 or more, with many costing more than $12,000. Of course, a Direct Cremation is a far more affordable option for a loved one. At Cremation Society of America, our Direct Cremation packages start at only $795.00 with the option to upgrade to more comprehensive packages that include an Urn Allowance, for example. You can also order features such as Cremation Jewelry and Celebration of Life Kits.

    Our industry-leading secure Online Ordering System can be completed in just a few minutes and is easy to understand. Here are a few highlights of our Cremation Online Ordering System:

    • Choose either Direct Cremation for a loved one who has passed or Pre-Plan for a Cremation in the future
    • Enter your contact information
    • Choose from one of Three Packages
    • Select Medical Examiner Cremation Approval Fee, if applicable
    • Select Delivery Method
    • Order Death Certificate(s)
    • Choose from a selection of Cremation Jewelry and Celebration of Life Kit options, if desired
    • Enter Billing and Shipping Addresses
    • Enter payment information
    • Complete the Necessary Forms

    You simply SUBMIT and you’re all set! The entire process takes just a few minutes and we’ll take care of the rest.

    We understand that there is rarely a convenient time to arrange for a Direct Cremation. However, we are confident that you will find our streamlined Cremation Online Ordering System easy to use and it will take little time to complete. Don’t forget that all Online Direct Cremation orders come with a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

    Peace of Mind has never been so affordable or so easy to arrange. Give us a call for more information or to ask us questions. That’s why we’re here. We look forward to serving as your trusted Direct Cremation resource. Click here to Order NOW.