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Cremation Simplified No Hidden Fees

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Whether your loved one has passed, or you are wisely Pre-Planning for the future, Cremation Society of America is here to make a difficult process simpler. Our easy online arrangement process allows us to pass through $avings to you.

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Why Choose CSA?


Knowledgeable Staff

Since 1979, our cremation experts have helped 1000's of families.


100% Online

No need to visit a funeral home. Complete your arrangement with a few clicks and digital signatures.


Low Price

Our efficient online process allows us to pass through $avings to you.


24/7 Customer Service

Should you have any questions, we are a phone call away.


Cremation Integrity Promise

With CSA, you will never have to wonder who’s cremated remains are inside an urn. Click For Video


Ocean Scattering

CSA will scatter ashes in ocean and family will receive an email with exact GPS coordinates.

Looking To Plan Ahead?

Click here for Prepaid Cremation Plans
or call:
(954) 965-1636

Sea Scattering Included

Our all inclusive package of $895 includes sea scattering of your loved one.Send them off in the beautiful ocean of South Florida.


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    Highly Recommended!

    The Cremation Society Of America made the process of getting my immediate family member cremated extremely easy as well as very affordable.The whole process on my end was done online and the staff was very friendly in following up with me along the way.  I called a few funeral homes prior and was immediately up sold on a funeral service and other services that I simply did not need or want.

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    Affordable Service

    If you are like me and needed a direct cremation service without all the fluff of a funeral home, I highly recommend you call these folks.  They were very professional and spoke to me in basic terms, making it easy for me to handle this.  The affordable pricing was a bonus and we got the remains quickly where we decided to do a sea scattering here locally with all our immediate family on board.

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    Easy Process

    Who knew the cremation process would be so easy?  I was referred to the Cremation Society Of America by a friend and I ordered online the same day for the passing of my loved one.  The process and forms were easy and I particularly am glad it was online as I wasn’t ready to talk to anyone about this.  We didn’t want a funeral, and my loved one specifically asked to be buried at sea.