Cremation Information & Guide

We realize that our families are sometimes confused as to what they want to do, and/or are required to do. This is a brief, plain language description and guide to the process and our services.

Once a death occurs, most facilities require the decedent to be removed immediately. They normally require a verbal or written release from the responsible party indicating who to release the decedent to. (Responsible party is the family/friend taking care of the arrangements.)

A Funeral Home or Cremation Service is contacted by the facility and/or the responsible party and asked to take the decedent into their care. (Make the transfer from the place of death.)

The Funeral Home or Cremation Service dispatches its Care Team to make the transfer to their facility, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

In the case of a Cremation Service, the decedent is placed in a temperature controlled holding area while an appointment is set to fill out the necessary paperwork required to perform the cremation. (If death occurred late in the day or after normal business hours, the responsible party is contacted the next morning.)

A Death Certificate must be filed and a permit issued before the cremation can take place. Sometimes this process can take several days depending on the number and availability of people who are involved in the process. (Such as the Medical Examiner and the attending physician.)

Once the paperwork has been completed, the cremation is performed and the cremated remains are returned to the family, mailed or scattered at sea, depending on the specific arrangements.

Our Simple Cremation Services:

Simple Cremation – We make the transfer and perform the cremation with a container provided by the family. (A container is required to perform the cremation. The remains need to be placed in a ridged, sturdy container, strong enough to hold and transport the remains to the place of cremation. Some people have purchased a container or made one themselves. While this is very rare, it is an available option.

Package 1 – Cremation with a container that we provide and scattering in the ocean – We do the scattering ourselves, then we provide you with a certificate that describes the time and specific location where scattering was performed.

Package 2 – Cremation with a container that we provide and the cremated remains are mailed to you.

Package 3 – Cremation with a container provided by us, an urn allowance of $135.00, (applied towards a selection from our website,) and mailing cremated remains in the urn back to you. This is the package most commonly selected.

Package 4 – Cremation with container provided by us, with arrangements completed in our office.

After the Cremation is completed, another meeting is scheduled in our office to deliver the cremated remains. This option is best for people who want to be more directly involved in the process and/or meet in person to satisfy any questions or concerns they may have.

Cremation Society of America is able to offer affordable prices by handling the forms and arrangements on line and during traditional/normal business hours. Of course we are immediately available 24 hours a day for phone consultation if you have any questions or concerns.