Direct Cremation is a Flexible Solution During Trying Times

We live in a time where the Coronavirus has led to families, cities and even countries being subjected to quarantine orders. Should your loved one pass away during this time of uncertainty, it could be difficult or even impossible to arrange for a funeral service due to the reluctance of many to gather in large groups. Depending upon where you live, such gatherings may be prohibited until the spread of this contagion is mitigated. We at Cremation Society of America have a solution: Direct Cremation.

With a Direct Cremation, you can arrange for your loved one to be cremated without having to leave your home yet preserving the dignity of your loved one. Once you receive your loved one’s Cremains, you can wait until after the uncertainty or quarantines to hold a memorial service for your loved one. With a funeral or burial, you don’t have the option to wait for an opportune time to gather family and friends in large groups.

Another advantage of Direct Cremation is that is far more affordable than a traditional burial. option for a loved one. At Cremation Society of America, our Direct Cremation packages start at only $795.00 with the option to upgrade to more comprehensive packages that include an Urn Allowance, for example. You can also order features such as Cremation Jewelry and Celebration of Life Kits.

Furthermore, you can arrange your loved one’s Direct Cremation without ever leaving your home. Our industry-leading secure Online Ordering System can be completed in just a few minutes and is easy to understand. Here are a few highlights of our Cremation Online Ordering System:

  • Choose either Direct Cremation for a loved one who has passed or Pre-Plan for a Cremation in the future
  • Enter your contact information
  • Choose from one of Three Packages
  • Select Medical Examiner Cremation Approval Fee, if applicable
  • Select Delivery Method
  • Order Death Certificate(s)
  • Choose from a selection of Cremation Jewelry and Celebration of Life Kit options, if desired
  • Enter Billing and Shipping Addresses
  • Enter payment information
  • Complete the Necessary Forms

You simply SUBMIT and you’re all set! The entire process takes just a few minutes and we’ll take care of the rest.

In times of uncertainty, you have access to the flexibility and affordability of a Direct Cremation to meet the end-of-life needs of your loved one, which enables you and your family to hold a memorial service at the place and time of your choosing once large groups are allowed to gather once again.

Peace of Mind has never been so affordable or so easy to arrange. Give us a call for more information or to ask us questions. That’s why we’re here. We look forward to serving as your trusted Direct Cremation resource. Click here to Order NOW.