Has Someone Passed?

When a person has passed, there are a few decisions that need to take place in a timely manner. After clicking “Continue” below, you will be directed to select one of our four (4) cremation packages. Cremation Society of America is able to control the expenses to customers by offering our services online, reducing the need for expensive office facilities and staffing. We do offer our services “in person” as traditional funeral homes do at a very modest cost if requested.

Choose the package that is right for you and fill out the documents online. A representative will contact you during business hours to finalize arrangements as well as answer any questions you may have. And of course, you may request a call at any time if you have any immediate questions or concerns.

Cremation services, like so many things in the world today, are available with dozens of options to fit your needs. Some families want to have lavish ceremonies while many others opt for a simpler, more intimate setting to say their final goodbyes. Neither is right or wrong, but what is important is that you receive the type of service that allows comfort and closure for your family.

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