Not Happy with Current Cremation Provider? Get a Refund!

In the State of Florida, pre-arranged cremation services are 100% refundable.  Never let any company tell you that you aren’t entitled to a refund for any reason.  At Cremation Society of America, if a customer moves out of our service area or passes away outside of our service area and did not purchase Reliant Travel Protection, ( ) then we  refund 100% of the cremation services and either deliver the Urn or refund the Urn 100%.

The State of Florida has the largest corporate Cremation Providers and also many small operators.  Often times the larger corporates are not as transparent regarding pricing and prices are over double our price of $995 (as of Nov 22′).  Florida also makes opening a “Direct Disposer” (meaning only allowed to perform Direct Cremations and no services) very easy as compared with other states, so you need to make sure you have checked the reputation of your Cremation Provider.  At CSA, we are very proud of reputation and history.  We have been in business since 1979 and have saved Thousands of families a lot of money.  We also know we make a difficult process a little bit simpler.

CSA, Cremation Simplified.