What if a Loved One Passes Away While Traveling Abroad?

What if a Loved One Passes Away while traveling abroad, outside of the United States? We at Cremation Society of America are here to help.

Let’s say that you’ve arranged for your Direct Cremation and you’re planning a trip overseas. What happens if you or a loved one passes away unexpectedly in a foreign country? How do you ensure that your loved one is returned home in a dignified manner? How much will such arrangements cost?

As you might imagine, each country has its own laws and regulations pertaining to the preparation of a person’s remains before the remains can leave the country – not to mention the processing fees. Then, you’ll have to deal with the rules and regulations of the airlines when it comes to the transportation of your loved one’s remains – and the cost as well. Finally, you’ll have to arrange for the remains to be transported to your pre-planned facility for cremation.

A Travel Protection Plan can save time, stress, and cost for you or your next-of-kin should your death occur while traveling away from your legal residence. Most Travel Protection Plans will include many of the following services:

  • Prepare remains for transport, regardless of where the remains are located worldwide
  • Locate funeral home or direct disposition (cremation) facility
  • Arrange for transportation of remains from place of death to funeral home or direct disposition (cremation) facility
  • Purchase casket/air tray to meet transportation requirements, including international transportation
  • Arrange and pay for transport to city of legal residence
  • Secure and process all documentation required for remains transportation, including death certificate

Most Travel Protection Plans are triggered when the death occurs a certain number of miles away from the person’s legal residence. Be sure to review your Travel Protection Plan carefully for specific terms and conditions.

At a time of shock and grief, you or your loved ones would make just one phone call to activate the Plan. Once activated, the Plan agents immediately commence arrangements to provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind amidst the chaos of returning home from your journey.

Please contact us at CSA for more information regarding Travel Protection Plans and how such a plan can factor into your Pre-Panning strategy. We look forward to being of service to you and your family.