What is Cremation Jewelry?

After a loved one has been cremated, there are many ways to treat the cremains: For example, you can place the cremains in an urn and display in your home or office. You can also choose to scatter your loved one’s ashes in the sea or in a location that was meaningful to your loved one. Another way to treat the cremains is gaining in popularity: Cremation Jewelry.

Cremation Jewelry (which is also known as Funeral Jewelry, Remembrance Jewelry or Memorial Jewelry) is simply a way for people to be close to a loved one in lieu of other cremation options. Cremation Jewelry can be created in a nearly infinite choice of designs, styles and shapes with a nearly infinite price range as well. Cremation Jewelry can be very simple and understated, ornate and extravagant and everything in between.

Most Cremation Jewelry is designed as a vessel to contain a portion of a loved one’s cremains and can appear as a locket or keepsake. For those who don’t wish to place cremains in the jewelry, they can use jewelry (pendants, etc.) as vessels to preserve memorial materials such as sand from a favorite beach, soil from a garden, a lock of hair, or even a special photograph.

Here are some examples of Cremation Jewelry:

  • Miniature Urn Necklaces: The most popular form of Cremation Jewelry is a very small urn attached to a chain worn around the neck. The urn is light and contains a small portion of cremains. This small portion enables multiple family members to share in the cremains with their own Urn Necklace. Common urn shapes include simple cylinders and hearts to more ornate designs with religious symbols or even animals or fish. You can choose a shape or design that or a more basic design that matches most ensembles.
  • Cremains into Glass Pendants: Skilled artisan glassblowers have been working cremains directly into beautiful designs for statues, paperweights and more. Glass Cremains Pendants are similar in layout, using a mixture of colored glass and a small portion of cremains to craft unique and meaningful jewelry.
  • Cremains into Diamonds: Cremains can even be formed into a man-made diamond that can be worn in a necklace, in earrings, or on a ring. During the cremation process of the diamond, the loved one’s cremains are incorporated into the carbon, making it impossible to tell the difference between a diamond containing cremains and a diamond without cremains. It’s can be a unique keepsake that only you and your loved ones will know about. Diamonds containing cremains can range in cost from $3,000 to $10,000.

Please contact CSA for more information regarding our selection of Cremation Jewelry. We can also refer you to craftsmen who can imbue cremains into glass pendants or even diamonds. CSA can also help you pre-plan all of your Direct Cremation services to meet your needs. We look forward to being of service to you and your family.